Wednesday, January 25, 2012

UWI USA: Fundraising

Director of Fundraising: Very Important and Key Position in UWI USA

This is an important person for the organization.
Director of Fundraising must be organized, enthusiastic, self-motivated individual who seeks to fundraise money for UWI USA, an educational and a healthcare based fund-raising projects in the United States. S/he seeks to get funds from International donors, goodwill foundations, gifts from friends, and corporations. The Director will be based USA and coordinates fundraising with other directors in else where in the world. Fundraising will enhance coverage in all major fundraising styles including major gifts, events, annual appeals, grants and corporate partnerships. As with other "membership" organizations, potential fundraising overlap with members is an issue to be managed. Works closely with project and grantwriters.
Job Description:
USA. Responsibilities include: supporting the fundraising efforts of the existing SSIWEL projects or UWI other projects in USA including drafting funding proposals and grant applications, meeting with donors, and identifying funding sources in coordination with the organizations overall fundraising programs. The Director of Fundraising USA will work with EU and African camps together in sharing fundraising prospects and networking together to raise funds and working to build relationships with corporate headquarters in Europe to benefit all the camps. The director will be responsible for direct marketing UWI business plans/projects including public awareness initiatives with the expectation of attracting additional new gifts and support for educational initiatives of women in Southern Sudan, Nuba Mountain, Blue Nile and Darfur. The Director reports to UWI USA/SSIWEL Executive President or Chair of the board.

Director’s Responsibilities
  • Setting and meeting aggressive fund-raising goals with accounts
  • Planning, organizing, training, developing, implementing, directing, and evaluating all aspects UWI USA fundraising events for specific revenue generation, educational and communications activities
  • Assuring UWI.SSIWELL Affiliate policies are carried out and goals are achieved in a timely fashion
  • Directing and overseeing the training, development and maintenance of community based volunteers 
  • Oversee data entry and maintenance of data base


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