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RSS” Savage Woman” Condemns Sex Workers Industry in South Sudan

January 23, 2012
By “RSS Savage Woman” Group
It was indeed a slap on the faces of daughters and sons of the RSS to chocking and blundering news of sex industries (Brothels) operating in RSS, documented in two separate articles, “Call Girls Exporting Sex to Juba” and “Kenyans Trafficked to South Sudan for Sex Work Report” and many more out there.
The content of these two articles clearly indicate that the Republic of South Sudan is invaded by sex business giving the nation a low moral image. The people of the Republic of South Sudan come from conservative cultures where sexual display or behavior in the public degrades our customary laws and cultural norms of rational beings and are unaccepted.
 Ms Janet Kanini, in an interview, alleged she went to Juba to work in her Auntie’s restaurant but instead she was lured into the sex trade.
Triza is another Kenyan sex worker who also claimed she moved to Juba to do sex business which earns her about $500 (USD) a week. She added that her targets are tall Dinka men who drive Government vehicles with “GOSS” plate names. Furthermore, the paper alleged these sex workers come from Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.
From the two articles, it is crystal clear there is prostitution brewing heavily in our country, the Republic of South Sudan, and the consequences of such business is detrimental to our nation which emerged from a long civil war that claimed many lives of our citizens, and to the continent of African as a whole. We the women of RSS see sex work in RSS as an illegal act of desperate women from our neighboring country in search of survival in RSS.
If economic conditions cannot allow these women to earn any living in their countries of origin rather than selling their bodies, destroying their dignities, and endangering their own health and health of others through prostitution, we, members of RSS “Savage woman”, feel strongly that our sisters must find another way to do business in RSS.  Sex workers are a threat to our spirituality and traditional moral codes laid down by our ancestral forefathers/mothers. Therefore, this is an immoral and illegal desperate means by these disadvantaged women and men to make a living. It is a dangerous vehicle to exploit disadvantaged young girls from our neighboring countries.
Economic and health issues related to prostitution in RSS
Prostitution damages the reputation of our nation and the institution of marriage in our country. It degrades women and makes them seem like mere sexual idols and properties for exploitation by low self-esteemed men who seek instant sexual gratification not at home with their legally married women but prostitutes. It diminishes the core moral values of women in our society. Researchers have found substantial evidence that there is a strong co-occurrence between prostitution, drug usage, drug business, and involvement in non-drug criminal activities like identity theft, robbery, and vandalism etc.
Sex workers are threat to our poor public health system. These women are never screened for sexually transmitted diseases due to the fact that our young nation is still coping with many challenges and sex business should not be our employment industry.
  • “RSS Savage Women” applauds the voices of women groups and NGOS who have raised the issues and called for immediate response from governmental authorities, the NGO community, national and international women groups, UN and other human rights organizations to intervene in addressing the matter with tenacity.
·         We call upon the government of the Republic of South Sudan through its legislative branch to: Pass tough immigration policies to screen non-residents in practicing business in RSS. Every business needs to be registered by the city government (local government). Businesses need regular inspection to ensure owners are doing businesses they claim in their business licenses. The same policies should be applied in Central Equatoria State Legislative Branch as well as in other ten states.
·         That the Government of Central Equatoria State should demolish brothels in Juba. That the Government of the Republic of South Sudan should deport any woman found practicing prostitution in Southern Sudan.
·         That government employees be held to the highest ethical standard, and be disciplined or sacked once they are found in brothels or actions that encourage prostitution.
·         Those women organizations in RSS have to be motivated to lobby against the establishments of brothels and practice of prostitution by foreign women or our daughters in the country.
·         That Those women organizations in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda team-up together to find ways and means of helping these women find the best ways to help these women find dignified jobs.
·         That the government of the Republic of South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda acknowledge the problem, and find a solution to the problem collectively (African Solution to African problem).

The absolute reason for these women to seek sex business is poverty; however, there are consequences that surpass their economic challenges and decisions to survive on commercial sex. RSS “Savage Woman” is a whistle blower group on these and many other issues affecting women in the country. Even though there are no specific services RSS “Savage woman” can provide, it will partner with the Ministry of Gender and social Welfare to support gender related issues in RSS. These women most often never disclose their identity or career path. They need social support from other women who will act as support groups. Therefore, RSS “Savage woman” looks forward to working with policymakers on other avenues of concern and gender disparities. We discourage the ongoing trading of sex for employment in various ministries.  
RSS Legislative Assembly should condemn prostitution formulate policies that ban the industry in the entire nation. Our government should promote and encourage health sexual practices through legalization of marriage, promote public health screening and health education, financial security, food security as number one programs for a healthy nation. As women of RSS, we cannot stand-by and watch our men exploit our women and sisters from these neighboring countries.
Call Girls Exporting Sex  to  Juba

Kenyans Trafficked to South Sudan for Sex Work Report

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